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Wow its August. [14 Aug 2008|04:38pm]
[ mood | loving ]

Not much has been happening.
So its better than bad things happening, right?

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It Was The Plants All Along!! [19 Jun 2008|07:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I went to see a movie yesterday with a friend. We almost got in for free, which would have been super nifty because the ticket lady wasn't at the ticketbooth. Then halfway through the previews she came in all "where is your tickets?!!!" and so we got a lecture because she sucks. haha, my friend even had to show his ID. But I had a great time! We had the whole place to ourselves <3.
We watched "The Happening" which was stupid, but we had the best time making fun of it... okay so my friend made most of the comments but I completely loved to hear him talk about it.

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See It Through. [15 Jun 2008|01:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I know, it has been a while since I last posted anything but things have actually changed and I've been very busy. I blame this insane person that I've recently met, he takes up all of my time. But he makes me happy so its very much worth it.
We got a new kitten about two weeks ago and it is so ugly that its cute. I don't know how that works out but it does! The poor kitten is stupid too.
In other news, I'm not going to Warped Tour after all. I've decided that it isn't worth risking the chance of someone running off with a RANDOM ONE NIGHT SUMMER FLING!! ...effin whores.

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Oh! I'm Ready For It! [03 May 2008|12:15pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yes!! I now officially have tickets to Warped Tour! I'm really excited about it. My top priority bands are Cobra Starship, Relient K, and theAUDITION. But I'm still going to try to see Family Force 5 and Say Anything. Although I'll have to follow my friend around to see the bands that she likes (you know, the ones I make fun of!). And me and Munchkin were talking about how cool it would be to see THE Tom Delonge even though we aren't big Angels and Airwaves fans. Whatever. It's our first concert, we don't even care who we see as long as we see Cobra. Speaking of Munchkin, she is finally 17... I think she only likes it because of the fact that she can buy "Rated R" movies now. haha. Oh and the morning after her birthday I woke up to find that I had broken my retainer while I was asleep. That whole day I was worried that I had swallowed a piece of it, but we decided to try and piece it back together to see if any pieces were missing and thankfully they were all there.

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[10 Apr 2008|10:08am]
[ mood | okay ]

Its been a while since I've posted! I hadn't realized it had been so long. Well quite a bit has happened. I'm searching hard for Warped Tour tickets so I can see Cobra Starship and Relient K(since that guy ripped me off. grr.). I quit my job because they wouldn't let me know when I was supposed to work. haha oh yeah, I never mentioned that I was working. And yesterday I found out that Tom Kenny who voiced Heffer on "Rocko's Modern Life" is also the guy who voices Spongebob Squarepants!! How did I never notice that? I knew that Charlie Adler had to have voiced the Bigheads just based on his voice (I've watched almost all of his shows). There are some good things that have happened... the bad things won't be posted. So I guess thats it for me today, I just wanted to make a post where I haven't been on here in forever.

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One More School Term [11 Feb 2008|06:51pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Today was the first day of my junior year. It went well, but thats the only thing that has gone well this year. (lmao, you KNOW its comming).
This year sucks!! Only two months in and I've already almost DIED and have had the cops called on me! I haven't done anything horrible and unforgivable to deserve what I'm getting smacked in my face. I didn't DO anything, but I wish to God I had. I'm still mad as hell that that jerk off tried to kill me, and that my shoulder is still screwed up from what he did do to me. (Why was there even a hammer there?) And I can't do anything about it because our legal system "doesn't feel comfortable" with letting me take a warrant for him... Sound strange to you? Yeah, thats the way it goes in a rediculously small county that is even hidden from the rest of the STATE. See why I stay angry and hate everything now? So I don't ever want a "Cheer up little camper" speech ever again.

Look at that. I don't make sense anymore.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008. [16 Jan 2008|11:53am]
[ mood | scared ]

Okay, I take back EVERYTHING I said about this year. Its already gotten off to an interesting start.

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Oh yeah, "Happy Holidays" and all that crap. [21 Dec 2007|09:32pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Things suck really bad again because of this stupid guy that I hate, one of my dogs died today, and all sorts of stuff I'd never even begin to talk about. Anyway I played Guitar Hero today for the first time and I was absolutely horrible at it.
I probably won't be posting anymore before christmas for those various reasons and more, but I thought I'd post a "christmas card" that I made.

So Merry Frickin Christmas.

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"Misery and Hate" [08 Dec 2007|09:35pm]
[ mood | furious ]

I spelled chipmunk wrong the last time I posted. Things have been wierd the past month. I've been having these anger problems and they're getting uncontrollable (I know thats probabaly misspelled). But I guess thats what happens when you mask your feelings without a slip of words for too long. I've been getting into trouble over it because I've actually said a few things that were on my mind, problem is it was said to the wrong person. My anger has built up so much that I've been sick about it with all the stomache problems, headaches, and panic attacks. But I have no way to release it.
Someday things won't be like this.

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"Put that back! Its Disgusting!!!" [28 Nov 2007|09:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I was going to update last night, but I was sick. I got my braces off yesterday. I look like a chipmonk, but its in a cute way. I think chipmonks are adorable. Anyway the retainers are really strange and a bit awkward hopefully that will change after some getting used to. Oh, but something off topic and creepy: after we left the orthodontist we saw a squirrel that had been ran over and I swear to you that it's tail was twitching! I felt so bad and was freaked out by it... poor thing was still twitchy!

Another thing, after I made all those chipmonk jokes and comments yesterday I watched "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" today. I didn't even know that show still aired reruns.

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I Feel A Little Sixteen Candles. ..Wait..What? [16 Nov 2007|11:33pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

16th birthday. What can I say? At least I was REMEMBERED by some people this year. But I'm not quite sure how to feel. Yes, I am thankful that I was remembered this time... but it was only 5 people who remembered it, and one of them had to be reminded. There were a few other events that strengthened my hate for certain people but as always, it was my mom who saved the day. I swear if it wasn't for her, I'd show how I really felt about them. Oh well my birthday will be over in a few minutes.

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Champions. [04 Nov 2007|08:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The Pats remain UNDEFEATED!!

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Narf! [20 Oct 2007|11:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

haha they're showing Pinky and the Brain again!! I've watched it almost every night. I forgot how much I loved Pinky. Anyway I got my hair cut again a while ago and it is short. A lot shorter than I wanted it and it looks awful. I felt like crap about it for two days and if that wasn't enough, a little boy called me a boy thursday! What the heck?! Even though its short I don't think I look like a guy. But he was 4 so I didn't get all defensive and beat him against a table.
I'm having a hard time trying to find good horror movies to watch on Halloween. I've seen almost everything.

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RE: Ex [30 Sep 2007|08:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Munchkin and I went to see the new Resident Evil movie today. It was pretty awesome, I loved how Alice kicked that guy so hard it killed him. It was wayy better than I had expected it to be. Although, I really hated Ali Larter as Claire Redfield. But I really had a lot of fun today even though we didn't really do anything. Also today we learned the hard way that horseradish is friggin DISGUSTING! Or as Munchkin called it: "Satan Sauce". Oh god, it was awful. It was worse than awful.. how can that be?

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haha KYO!!! [29 Sep 2007|05:22pm]
[ mood | retardedly happy ]

So as you can see, I changed my layout. Now you can read the text because I didn't think of the obvious problem until five minutes ago. And I wouldn't had then if I hadn't made a mistake(or so I thought). Never avoid the obvious answer.

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haha whats it feel like to be the oldest 15 year old in the world? [14 Sep 2007|11:52pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I don't know what to do and I hate it! This had been a painful week, five days in a row something went horribly wrong. Also my long walk home in the rain today gave me plenty of time to think about things. I don't think I want to do this anymore. Why care for those who turn their backs on you? Or the ones who decieve you for fun? And the ones who are stuck in their own shallow lives until they want something from you? Its not worth the hatred and guilt. I've lost myself to the pain and resentment for so long that I've forgotten the need to experience or feel anything good in life. Why is it that I need to punish myself for their pleasure? Thats just messed up... what kind of a person would torture theirself to see someone else smile? Its unsettling how much I care about those stupid little details.
I'm slowly losing this fight, but I refuse to back down anytime soon.

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[01 Sep 2007|02:47pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Its been a while since I posted. A few things have changed though. I've been started back in school since July 9 and I've completed first quarter and have taken two extra classes. Gil left, hopefully for good this time. I hope he never comes back, he just gets on my nerves because he is so childish. And since he left I cut my hair short again. I'm spiteful by nature and he absolutely hates short hair so whenever he upsets me a great deal and leaves I get my hair cut as short as I please. haha.

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[20 May 2007|10:23am]
[ mood | enraged ]

How was the movie?

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"I'll see you at the allergist!" [16 May 2007|10:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Five weeks ago I broke out and I haven't cleared up yet, thus I went to the allergist today. I'm allergic to a lot of foods and almost every tree, grass, and weed. And I got a new kitten two days ago, it is really cute. I'm really tired right now but tomorrow I'll post some things I am allergic to.

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I try but it shows. [21 Apr 2007|08:32pm]
[ mood | waiting ]

I just got over the flu a few days ago. But right after I had gotten over my sickness the wire in my braces needed to be changed and so I still can't eat very well. At least I've lost weight, haha. *You can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to start.*

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